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Emergency officials continue to monitor floodwaters in Levasy, Missouri

Posted: 8:51 AM, Jun 04, 2019
Updated: 2019-06-05 12:21:53-04

LEVASY, Mo. — People from the small town of Levasy, Missouri, still cannot go home after two levees breached over the weekend.

With several homes and businesses under water, residents are staying with friends and family. Some are even staying in churches in Buckner, Missouri, the neighboring town.

The American Red Cross set up a shelter at the United Methodist Church, where people are able to eat, get basic items, and sleep.

In the same town, the First Baptist Church opened its doors for people who need to shower.

"It's gonna take everybody," Pastor Doug Schildknecht said. "There's a lot of good churches in our little community, they're all banding together. I know they'll do what they do as far as every community that has a network of churches, just be that network to help the hurt."

Deputy Rashid Brown with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said they've been working around the clock with the American Red Cross to help Levasy residents.

"Four and a half miles were impacted by the floodwater that occurred just in the city of Levasy, and a couple of levee breaches. " Brown said. "So we've been extremely busy, but we're also grateful that no lives were lost during this catastrophic event. So we're going to continue to extend all of our resources and efforts to assist the residents of Levasy."

Norma Williams, 87, has lived in Levasy for decades. She said she knows the clean up will take a long time, but she's thankful everyone in her small town is okay.

"All of it's under, barn the whole works... both garages," Williams said. "I'm very happy that nobody's been hurt or anything. We're all close down there. We know practically everybody in town."

The population in Levasy is a just more than 80 people.

Emergency officials said they'll continue to monitor the floodwaters over the next couple of days.