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Exclusive: Kansas City firm plans Super Bowl LIV

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Todd Barnes.jpeg
Posted at 2:16 PM, Jan 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 22:37:58-05

MIAMI — The final touches are being put on Hard Rock Stadium to help ensure it's prepared to host Super Bowl LIV. The microphones are being tested, new signage is going up and a fresh paint is being applied to the field.

And all of the work is being coordinated by a Kansas City architecture firm in preparation for the 65,000 fans who will fill the stadium on Sunday.

“The Super Bowl is the single biggest event for a one-day event in the entire world, on a yearly basis,” Todd Barnes said.

Barnes is a senior principal at Populous, a Kansas City-based architecture firm. He handles venue and event design, including this year’s Super Bowl.

“Every city has its own unique characteristic associated with it,” Barnes said in an exclusive interview with 41 Action News. “Miami is all beach and South Florida based so the atmosphere itself is going to be great.”

Barnes’ team oversees all aspects of facility procurement and construction for game day. They plan and oversee every detail, from signage and parking to the Vince Lombardi trophy ceremony.

“At a week out, we are doing our checks and balances as to where we are at and our overall status," he said. "And a lot of that includes full walk throughs to ensure that every piece is put in place properly. We’d like to be show-ready, as we call it, by the end of the week.”

Planning a Super Bowl takes about two years. Barnes and his team have been on-site since Jan. 2. Once this game is over and the ceremony is completed, they’ll immediately shift their focus and begin planning the Super Bowl in 2022.