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Families react to extra law enforcement presence at Winnetonka for basketball games following recent shooting

Posted at 9:52 PM, Mar 05, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This past weekend, North Kansas City High School had a similar tone to what Kansas City experienced a few weeks ago — celebration that ended in a crime scene.

"I didn't hear the shots, but felt the presence of everyone running for their lives," Ivan Cushinberry said. "I hate to say it, but it was the same thing for the Super Bowl."

The shooting outside of NKC High School was only a few days ago.

Two people were injured, an adult and student, outside of the school.

It prompted school officials to move the district basketball title game venue from North Kansas City to Winnetonka High School on Tuesday.

There was an increased presence of law enforcement from the Clay County sheriff's office on school grounds throughout the games.

"The violence has got to stop," Ingrid Taylor said. "The violence has got to stop."

The security measures because of the violence made Taylor miss out on watching her nephew who plays for William Chrisman High School.

She got a ride with family from Belton to see him.

"I feel like it's unfair," Taylor said. "We got tickets to the game."

Parking lots were shut down between games. No one was allowed to drive in or enter the school. North Kansas City School said they communicated this to all schools.

Even through frustration, some families are still on the same page with others who think the precautions are necessary.

"I love what I'm seeing right now. I love it. I love it," Levert Webb said.

There was still some hope that these shootings aren't the endings people have to get used to.

"It's very sad, but the day and time we live in, you take a chance on you might not make it back home if you coming just to enjoy. This here is a great start," Cushinberry said.

A spokesperson for the North Kansas City School District said if anyone wants a refund because they couldn't watch a game, they must contact the athletic director for their school.