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Family remembers, mourns mother of 3 killed in Klymax Lounge shooting

Posted at 4:59 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 18:39:09-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Klymax, a nightclub in the middle of Kansas City's south Oak Park neighborhood, is now lined with yellow roses and loved ones’ names memorialized in chalk.

On Monday, neighbors in south Oak Park recalled a gun battle in their backyard that killed three people and injured two others over the weekend.

“The club opened up and I have never been in there,” one woman who wanted to remain anonymous told KSHB 41 News. “But it’s just sad to hear. I have children over here, and now they’re scared to walk to the corner store. I hate the thought that it was in my backyard; it’s a lot of concern to me.”

Those that came to pay their respects out in front of the club left candles and flowers, many of who could visibly feel the gravity of the three people killed there.

“May peace still be on earth as it is in heaven, we got to stop the violence,” LaShonda Wiggins said.

Wiggin’s niece, 24-year-old Antoinette Brenson, was among the victims killed.

Wiggins called her Libby.

“She was so fun and outgoing, a person that loved to smile all the time, and taking care of her babies was her thing,” Wiggins said. “She was a loving, caring niece, mother first and foremost — she loved her children. You know, that was Libby — she was present, her presence was warm. That’s my niece, she was warm.”

Brenson's family members Antoinette Herron and Gloria Wilson said she was a mother to three children. Her youngest was three-years-old.

They say Brenson was a lifelong resident in KCMO and recently moved to Kansas City, Kansas.

Herron said Brenson was known for her bubbly personality and funny wit. They say she went to go see her friend perform the night of the shooting.

It’s the violence Damon Daniel, with the AdHoc Group Against Crime, works to stop.

He says it takes everyone to solve it.

“It’s devastating, it’s very hard to continue to hear about the violence, especially when it involves young people,” Daniel said. “Speak up, share what you know. Listen it is not snitching; it’s doing what’s right. What if it happened to you? You would want people to speak up and share what they know. Every piece of information is a piece to a puzzle. Every piece of information matters.”

Brenson’s family has set up donations at Serenity Funeral Home for her memorial service.