Family says death of 2 children in Kansas City crash could have been prevented

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With hundreds of green and blue balloons in tow, dozens of family members and friends gathered in the Sugar Creek park Sunday to remember 9-year-old Brian and 5-year-old Dustin Moyer. 

“The two [of them] were a pair. Both brothers, you couldn’t separate them,” said Jimmy Moyer, the boys’ uncle. 

“On the bus we usually got to sit by each other,” said Jenna Viter, one of Brian’s closest friends. “We used to talk with each other every time. I just… I miss him.” 

Brian and Dustin died Friday morning in northeast Kansas City after their father lost control of the car they were in. 

Police say he lost control of the car at Newton Avenue, eventually hitting a utility pole and tumbling into the yard. 

Neither boy, according to police, had a seat restraint. They died at Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

“It’s a tragedy, a tragedy that never should have happened,” said Christy Burnup, the boys’ aunt. 

Their father was also ejected. He is still in the hospital. Police have not said if he will be charged. 

“I think he is going through a lot of hell on his own waking up to realize his boys are gone,” said Moyer of his brother. “Everybody ain’t the perfect father. There ain’t no book that shows you how to be the most perfect father.” 

“Be responsible for your kids. Make them safe. That’s your job as a parent to protect your children and unfortunately, they weren’t protected so it’s just tragic all the way around for everyone,” said Burnup. 

Brian and Dustin’s 18-year-old sister is now planning their funerals. She has set up an account to help pay for funeral expenses.



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