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Fire damages The Mount Christian Worship Center on Wabash Avenue, pastor says faith remains standing

The Mount Christian Worship Center burned
The Mount Christian Worship Center fire damage
Posted at 5:54 PM, Jul 12, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Mount Christian Worship Center near 35th Street and Wabash Avenue was damaged by a fire Wednesday morning.

The church's pastor said the building isn't his main concern right now. He's worried about how this fire will impact their ability to operate the church's feeding program with Neighbor2Neighbor.

“Great is thy faithfulness even in the midst if this storm,” said pastor Willie Thornton

Pastor Thornton said he is devastated while looking around at the ashes and dust.

“I look at history on this block, I look at what this church represents at 3551 Wabash,” said Willie Thornton. “So my heart is broken, but I know that god has a plan.”

Although the walls might be falling down, Willie Thornton says the faith remains.

“Yes, there is hope when I saw the cross. It was still standing — (God is) saying its showing hope no matter what the storm looks like,” said Willie Thornton.

“The church is not this building, it’s us individually,” said first lady reverend Brandy Thronton.

Even though the structure of the church is shattered, it won't stop serving its community with the Neighbor2Neighbor organization.

“From feeding 2,700 to 3,000 people a month to not, we are not sure what the plan is going to be, but we are not going to stop feeding,” said Willie Thornton.

The church and Neighbor2Neighbor help people like Reginald Staten and Oscar Owens.

“I just can’t explain it, because I just know I hate this happened, that this burnt down, because this was the place I always come to,” said Oscar Owens.

“Food keeps you able to keep moving and survive, so that’s very important, and when you get hungry, them hunger pains hurt,” said Reginald Staten

However, while looking at the ashes and dust, the Thorntons say they are certain their congregation will rise again

“There isn't anything too big for God,” said Brandy Thornton.

The Thorntons have hope that the future is bright.

“When we look at this situation, we have to understand that he still has a plan for us, and we are just excited about what that plan is going to look like,” said Willie Thornton.