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Firefighters face multiple challenges in 2-alarm Parkville fire

2 firefighters suffered minor injuries
Posted at 8:41 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 09:41:01-04

PARKVILLE, Mo. — Multiple fire crews battled a two-alarm fire early Friday morning near 5th and Main Street in Parkville, Missouri.

The residents said they heard a loud popping noise and got up to discover their guest house was on fire.

When fire crews arrived, they said they realized it was going to be a challenge to put out, because the residence was very close to other homes, including the Main Street Inn. On top of that, the guest house was perched on a hill.

Firefighters called for a second alarm to get more people on the scene.

They also had trouble with the fire hydrants in the area. They said they were struggling to get enough water, and so had to call the water department and ask them to increase the water pressure.

Since the house was older construction, it didn’t have many of the fire safety proofs more modern homes do, making it easier for the fire to spread quickly.

Additionally, due to how close together the homes are in that area, firefighters were unable to use their ladder trucks and had to fight the flames all by hand.

Two firefighters twisted their ankles due to the difficult terrain. 

“It's really challenging... Two firemen got injured sliding and falling, tripping and falling. It's on a hill so it makes it really slick,” Dean Cull, deputy chief of KCFD said.

The homeowners were not injured.

Some of the flames did spread to a corner of the main house.