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‘Flight 15 it is’: Fans on ‘Mahomes’ flight eager to visit Las Vegas for Super Bowl

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Posted at 7:03 PM, Feb 08, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Multiple airlines are working to meet the demand of Kansas City fans wanting to travel to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

American Airlines added flight AA 15 Thursday from KCI to Las Vegas, which was one of five additional flights added specifically for the Super Bowl.

The American Airlines AA 15 flight made 10 flights going Thursday to Las Vegas.

Friday is the peak day for flights to Las Vegas with 15 flights.

Fans paying close attention may notice something different about these flights — their numbers.

KSHB 41 caught up with passengers on AA 15, a flight carrying Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ number.

“Flight 15 it is,” said Chris Lauffer, who was traveling with his friend Larry McColm.

The two friends made the decision to go Wednesday night.

“Decided to go on this Mahomes 15 flight,” McColm said.

Other fans, like Terri and Mike Lee, didn’t immediately pick up on the flight numbering.

“Thank you for telling us,” Mike Lee said. “Gotta take a picture of that.”

Other numbers, including 78, worn by Bobby Bell, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and Chiefs legend, were used on flights to Las Vegas.

“That’s great,” said Bell. “Flight 15. I’m riding on it today, that’s good.”

Bell is looking forward to going to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

“I feel pretty good about it, you know. I’ve been to every Super Bowl now,” Bell said.

Other fans can’t quite say the same, but they’re undoubtedly savoring this moment.

“It’ll actually be the first Super Bowl I’ve ever been to,” said Ronald Boyd, a Chiefs fan and passenger on Flight 15. “I was on my way to New Orleans to the Mardi Gras, but once we won our game two weeks ago, I said, ‘Let me see how much these flights is!’"

Other fans at KCI could relate to the cost of an airline ticket being an initial concern, but in the end, it came down to one thing.

“It’s once-in-a-lifetime for me, right, in the chance of them winning two Super Bowls in a row,” said Mike Chancellor, a Chiefs fan on Flight 15.

American Airlines wasn’t the only airline getting creative with flight numbers.

A KCI spokesperson told us Spirit Airlines also has a Flight 15 Thursday and Friday.

United Airlines has flights 1989 (Taylor Swift’s birth year), 2287 (Taylor Swift song + Travis Kelce’s number) and 1587 (Mahomes and Kelce).

One couple flew out of KCMO on United, but as fans, they’re divided.

“Our basement is literally half Chiefs and half 49ers, and it’s been a crazy week,” said Debbie Velazquez, who was sporting her Chiefs gear alongside her husband Marcelo, who is a Niners fan.

Not only are fans looking forward to the game, but also all Las Vegas has to offer.

“We’ve already got the NFL experience planned, might go see Bruno Mars, definitely gonna go to Fremont Street, and then you know, there’s a game there, gonna go see the game,” said Tony Koury, a Chiefs fan traveling on a Delta flight with his wife, Kim.

“My birthday’s tomorrow," she said. "So what a great present, right?”

As fans prepare for a fun-filled weekend, they’re hoping they can all return winners.

“Winning, you know victory, us coming back and celebrating, having a big parade in Kansas City,” Boyd said.