Harrisonville homeowners frustrated after more flooding

Posted at 3:44 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 18:03:54-04

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - Heavy rains and raging flood waters wreaked havoc across the metro area for the second time in weeks. Homeowners in Harrisonville had been picking up the pieces and Tuesday, they were back to square one.

It wasn't even one month ago that residents in Harrisonville gutted their homes after floodwaters came rushing inside. Tuesday, they were left taking everything that was damaged and throwing it right back outside.

"Everyone as you drive down, it's like a war zone on our street, it’s like everyone’s life is out on their yard and that is sad considering we feel like something can be done," said Pina Murphy, Harrisonville Homeowner. 

In Harrisonville, it was around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday that residents were encouraged to leave their homes.

"The fire department knocking on our door telling us they may have to evacuate," said Murphy. 

Before the rain started to fall, some residents in the area were preparing for the worst.

"We had even put sandbags at the entrances, sandbags and tarps, we did everything we were supposed to do," said Kara and Lane Adams, Harrisonville Homeowners. 

It wasn’t enough to stop the rising waters from the creek that sits behind this stretch of homes.

"If it's not flooding in some of the families homes, it is coming up through our tubs and toilet," said Murphy. 

Homeowners in the area say the creek is filled with debris, which leads to all of the flooding.

"We feel like no one is taking responsibility," said Murphy. 

Murphy says it’s the city sewage system that is backing up, flooding homes along with the high waters. After all of the damage and costs to rebuild,  homeowners are looking to the mayor for answers.

"This time, I mean it's like, what do you do," said Lane Adams. 

"Last time it happened we kind of looked at it as we get to remodel, this time we just, we just don't even know. It's not remodel, it's rebuild now," said Kara and Lane Adams. 

Homeowners in Harrisonville say they’ve seen flooding many times but never before has it been this bad. Tuesday, they sent an email to the mayor, asking for a town hall meeting to be held to see what can be done in the future.