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4 students designed this year’s 'I Voted' stickers in Clay County

The stickers will be available at Clay County polling locations this year.
Four students designed this year’s “I Voted” stickers in Clay County
Posted at 5:20 AM, Mar 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-27 09:32:40-04

LIBERTY, Mo. — Voters will head to the polls on April 2 to vote in municipal elections around Missouri. Clay County voters should pay attention to the stickers they receive after casting their ballot.

Voters will receive one of four “I voted” stickers designed by students from Lillian Schumacher Elementary in Liberty.

The fifth graders sat down with KSHB 41 news reporter Claire Bradshaw to explain their design and how they found inspiration.

Genevieve Raasch's "I Voted" Sticker design
Genevieve Raasch designed her "I Voted" sticker to show the American flag and outline of Missouri.

“I was thinking of the American flag … and then I was thinking, it's also good to get the sticker in Missouri. And so I did the Missouri sign,” Genevieve Raasch said.

Kaylee Bridge's "I Voted" Sticker Design
Kaylee Bridges' said her sticker design depicts the national tree, a bald eagle, the American flag and different skin-colors to show any American can vote.

“It’s the United States tree. The flag because the United States, and I did people raising their hands. There's a white and a black hand showing that anybody can choose and vote for their own president,” Kaylee Bridges said.

Juli Abdullah's "I Voted" sticker
Juli Abdullah's "I Voted" sticker draws inspiration from the use of American flags and uses different skin tones to show any American can vote.

“I drew two American flags and I drew four hands raising up for 'I voted' in four different skin tones. And then I wrote ‘I voted’ in red and blue. And I did a little shade of green on the bottom and drew the American flag,” Juli Abdullah said.

Sydney Lunt's "I Voted" Sticker Design
Sydney Lunt's sticker design is the outline of Clay County, the hawthorn which is Missouri's state flower, the Liberty Bell and an ice cream cone.

“So my design is, that's the outline of Clay County because this is all about Clay County and then I have Missouri's main things, like the bell, and then corn, and then the Missouri flower and then ice cream cause I think that … people love ice cream,” Sydney Lunt said.

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The idea was brought to the school by second grade teacher Celeste Fansher, who worked on the Clay County election board at the time. This is the first time Clay County has had students design the stickers.

“It’s going to be so great. When I look at the stickers, I just get so excited and I'm so proud of my students and you can just see it on their faces. They're so excited to be seeing all of their stickers around. It's really cool,” Fansher said.

The stickers will be available to Clay County voters for the April 2, August 6 and November 5 elections in 2024. All four stickers should be available at each polling location.

Along with the stickers, the then-fourth graders received an American civics lesson on how voting works in our democracy. They held their own school election on the name of the Lillian Schumacher shark mascot. The final result … Lillian the Shark.