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Going 360: The value of Patrick Mahomes to Kansas City

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Posted at 2:48 PM, Feb 09, 2023
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Times have been good in Kansas City since the Chiefs selected Patrick Lavon Mahomes II as the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

From leading the Chiefs to five straight AFC Championships to clinching three Super Bowl berths, and even having a hand in securing Whataburger in the area, the city has felt Mahomes' influence.

KSHB 41 reporter Megan Abundis is Going 360 to examine the full impact he has had on Kansas City.

She spoke with:

  • Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas
  • The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
  • Youth Volunteer Corps
  • Former teammates
  • Sports experts
  • Community members

KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas

Lucas is a lover of all things Kansas City, and Mahomes is no different.

When he meets other officials around the country, he makes sure to brag.

“I meet mayors from all over the country [and] they ask, 'Patrick Mahomes — is he really as kind, cool and mature as he is?" Lucas said. "Yep [I respond]."

Lucas believes that no one in such a short amount of time has taken over the imagination of the community as Mahomes has.

“He’s a brand ambassador for Kansas City that we have not had for 30 years,” Lucas said. “From investing in parks to winning big games to being a great dad in town.”

The mayor sees Mahomes as a guy who makes the time to build community connections to become a central part of the city.

“Patrick Mahomes is here — he cares about here," Lucas said. "He shows up at concerts here, he goes to Big 12 basketball games and high school football games."

Lucas says those attributes are often mentioned before the talk about how great of a quarterback he is.

“Cherish the fact that somebody has so many good things going for him in the world. He’s still a down-to-earth guy,” Lucas said.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Joe Reardon, CEO of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, says he can't help but get excited about what the quarterback has done and will do.

“There’s an energy in this city right now,” Reardon said. “When Patrick Mahomes succeeds on the field, we win in business too — there’s a direct connection.”

Reardon says it’s easy to celebrate him.

“There is lots of creativity around Patrick Mahomes,” he said.

He says he has seen Mahomes inspire creativity at bakeries, coffee shops, apparel stores and restaurants.

Mahomes' natural influence comes from being someone many people support and hope to rally others behind.

“He brought Whataburger to KC — he owns franchises here,” Reardon said.

Plus, Reardon, says the public resonates with Mahomes because he wears Kansas City on his heart sleeve.

Youth Volunteer Corps

One of the ways Mahomes helps the community off the field is through his nonprofit 15 and the Mahomies.

“At the end of the day, I want to follow this dream and continue to give back to this community,” Mahomies said at a previous charity event.

Tracy Hale, CEO of Youth Volunteer Corps, has seen firsthand the impact of Mahomes' generosity.

“He gives $15,000 to 15 organizations each year,” Hale said. “He is the real deal.”

Hale says Youth Volunteer Corps is one of Mahomes’ chosen charities.

“He models so well just giving back to the community because he does it himself,” Hale said.

His dedication to the community has helped thousands of kids in Kansas City give back with arts, culture, and environmental and service projects.

Part of his work includes encouraging Hale's youth to volunteer 15 hours for a better community in the "15 for 15" challenge.

“He really cares about our community,” Hale said.

Kansas City community

KSHB 41 News spoke with community members to get their accounts of how Mahomes impacts Kansas City.

“It’s not just on the field leading everybody,” a parent told KSHB 41. “But it’s being a role model, being a good example off the field, making sure you practice what you preach so the community can see it, not just the players around you.”

The next generation pays attention, too.

“I just like how he’s nice to all his teammates,” said one kid KSHB 41 spoke with. “Always hugging the other quarterback before he does anything.”

Former teammates, sports experts

Former teammates and Chiefs experts don’t hesitate to talk about Mahomes' attitude and talent.

“He’s smart — he’s a brilliant kid, he’s a football kid,” said Frank Boal, former sports director and radio host.

Former Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman has seen firsthand Mahomes in action on and off the field.

“As good as he was on the football field, he’s a better person,” Sherman said.

Gehrig Deiter, who played at wide receiver with Mahomes, shares how he remembers his time with KC's QB 1.

“He’s the ultimate competitor," Deiter said. "He’s somebody you want no matter what sport, no matter what you’re doing, he will always give it his best shot. As a friend and as a teammate, that’s what you want.”

Committing to the city through ownership in the Kansas City Royals, Sporting Kansas City and Kansas City Current, many say Mahomes' interest in KC paired with his talent secure the longevity for successful Chiefs seasons to come.

“The only thing any players want to do is win a Super Bowl," Boal said. "They see their best chance would be with a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes."

All of his efforts combined prove his passion on the field comes down to matters of the heart.

“He’s not afraid, he has no fear — underhand passes, sidearm passes, reaching [for] the pylon with the football,” Boal said. “All those things to make him the greatest QB in the NFL right now. Hands down he is the best player.”

Best part of all, Mahomes is here to stay.

“I want to be a Chief for a long time,” Mahomes said in 2020.