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Grinter Farms sunflowers will bloom in time for Labor Day

Posted at 8:03 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 23:33:07-04

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Although 2,000 acres made up Grinter Farms, they're well-known for the 35 acres that contain their sunflowers.

"On the backside there's about 18 more [acres] behind the hill and normally that's the place to go," Ted Grinter, co-owner of Grinter Farms, told 41 Action News as he described the layout of the sunflower fields.

But this year, the fields look rough.

"It's been dry right here, we're in one of the worst places in the state for drought," Grinter said.

It's taken a toll on the 800,000 seeds Grinter put down.

"I planted these sunflowers on July 10th and we didn't get a rain until about three weeks later," Grinter said.

At one point, the flowers were about a week-and-a-half behind schedule concerning visitors.

"A lot of people on Facebook, a few people called, a lot of people [were] coming out and looking," Grinter said.

However, the recent rain showers have perked them up.

"And it seems like the sunflowers are maturing faster than I thought," Grinter said.

Sunflowers don't only need the right amount of rain, but they also need the sun because as they prepare to bloom they grow in the direction of the sun.

"Next few days it'll dry out and the sunflowers will get pretty good," Grinter said.

They anticipate the sunflowers this season will bloom in stages.

"I think we'll have enough out here for Labor Day, you know before that—probably not, but for Labor day we'll have enough for people to take pictures,"  Grinter said. 

Keeping in line with this tradition in the Sunflower state.