Harvesters nearly tripled space of cold dock to serve fresh food

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You know that old song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?”

Well, around the Harvesters Community Food Network, they’ve changed the lyric a bit.

More like, “Baby, It’s Cold Inside…and we’re very happy about that!”

In the last few weeks, Harvesters has gone from about 7,000 square feet of refrigerated space and two cold loading docks to 21,000 square feet and several cold loading docks.

With the thermometer reading a nicely chilled 40 degrees, they have room for millions of pounds of fresh food to go out the doors.



Sarah Biles of Harvesters, says that the ability to provide so much perishable food not only helps their clients but it helps the environment, as well.

Some of the fruits and vegetables would otherwise go to waste because they’re not quite picture perfect…in terms of appearance, not quality…for supermarkets.

At St. Paul’s Food Pantry in the inner city, Sterling Roath knows first-hand that this is about the only way his 1200 served households a month can get nutritious, fresh goodies.

In our region, nearly 400,000 people are “food insecure,”  many are children.

Now, so many more will be able to eat healthy and eat fresh.

At Harvesters, they are truly “just chillin” but for all the best reasons.



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