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Heart Mobile Village residents demand more money, more time as move-out date inches closer

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Posted at 10:37 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 00:20:40-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — About 100 families at Heart Mobile Village are racing against the clock to find a new home before Jackson County takes over the land for a new jail.

After first learning in July they would have to pack their things and leave, the county announced it would give residents at least $10,000 to assist with relocation expenses.

But many residents tell KSHB 41 News they still don't have the money with about four months left to find a new home.

Some Jackson County legislators decided to call a meeting to answer tenants’ questions, many who have lived there for decades.  

Dozens showed up to a contentious meeting outside of Heart Mobile Village demanding more money, time and help ahead of the mandatory February move-out date. 

“I want to hear from everyone who wants to talk,” said 1st District At-Large Jackson County Legislator Jalen Anderson, who called the meeting. 

Jackson County says some in Heart Mobile Village have already accepted payment and moved out, but if tenants can’t move their mobile homes, they’ll pay up to $20,000 toward a new one.  

Tenants still had questions at the meeting Wednesday night about what the package offers. 

“The package also includes the $10,000 to spend on updates you want to do on your home, or you can use it towards rent,” said Dan Tarwater III, 4th District Jackson County Legislator.

 Some tenants mentioned they are having trouble finding mobile home parks that will accept them and are worried their trailer homes will fall apart during the move. 

“All we want is a forever home we can die in,” one tenant said. 

Wednesday night, the Community Services League says they’re finding new places for people to live daily, but it takes time because each person has a unique situation.  

“We can definitely offer more help, there is going to be a discussion on people that have trailers that can’t be moved, how we can accommodate that,” Tarwater said. “As far as money to each individual, that’s probably not going to happen, and I’m not sure on the timeline — we will have to check on that.” 

Community Services League says any new changes concerning the timeline are up to county executives.  

As far as the jail goes, Tarwater says an ordinance will be in front of legislators Monday to get bids on the build.  

For more information on the county's plan for the jail, click here.