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Here’s your chance to buy a castle: Renée Kelly selling 'Caenen Castle' in Shawnee

Posted: 8:11 AM, May 16, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-16 09:47:27-04
Castle Caenen Front Beautiful.JPG

SHAWNEE, Kan. — A castle in Shawnee, Kansas, will hit the international real estate market Thursday. Owner Renée Kelly operated a restaurant, social club and event space on the property from 2004 to 2017.

The "Caenen Castle" is listed at $1.8 million. The property is located just west of Quivira Road on Johnson Drive.

Click here for a 3D tour of the castle.

Kelly purchased the property in 2003 and spent about a year renovating the space. She most recently operated her restaurant called Harvest at the property. She gave 41 Action News an exclusive tour of the castle.

She described walking into the building as "time traveling" because all the features are authentic to the 1907 style when builders completed the castle as a home for Belgian immigrant Remi Caenen.

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Castle Caenen Historic with Barn.jpg

Highlights include a large wine cellar, a handcrafted bar, handmade fireplaces for Europe, Amish-made dining tables and chairs made out of reclaimed barn wood, leather chairs from Austria, and light fixtures from an old church in Jefferson City. All of these items come with the purchase.

"We all know when it's time to let go and we kind of we've wrapped it up like this beautiful little package with a bow tied on top of it. We've all said our goodbyes," Kelly said. "I know that may sound a little bit weird, but it's time to let it go and we are so proud of this piece of property."

Click here to see more photos of Caenen Castle.

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The next step of Kelly's career will remain focused on the farm-to-table concept her restaurant thrived on, but she wants to reach a greater audience and share a curriculum to healthy eating.

Kelly said she's excited for someone to elevate the castle to the next level. The space could be used as a restaurant, event space, entertainment complex, or converted back into a residence as it was originally designed.

"This space definitely creates memories for people. So hopefully that will keep on keeping on," Kelly said.

For information on the property, click here.