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'I was stunned': Young Chiefs fan shares what it was like to meet Patrick Mahomes

Jaxson Kress and the football Patrick Mahomes gifted him
Posted at 5:07 PM, Sep 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-08 19:39:59-04

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Some Chiefs fans woke up on Friday devastated by a loss, but one fan woke up feeling like a winner.

KSHB 41 talked to 8-year-old Jaxson Kress on Red Wednesday at Ronald McDonald House, when he met Chris Jones.

But on Thursday — game day — Jaxson got to meet his hero, Patrick Mahomes, as seen in a video that's getting attention on social media.

"They pushed us right out into the field and that’s when Pat came out," Jaxson's dad, Jeff Hedin, said. "And then Mahomes came up and said, 'This is for you, buddy.'"

Hedin's referring to a football that the MVP passed along to the young fan.

"I was stunned," Jaxson said, mentioning he thought it was a joke at first. "Meeting Patrick Mahomes is a big deal."

Jeff Hedin, Jaxson's dad

Hedin barely has the words to describe the night.

"I was floating," he said. "Me and Jaxson were just off floating on cloud nine."

The father and son stay at Ronald McDonald House every time they come to Kansas City for Jaxson's chemotherapy. He's been battling Luekemia for five years now.

When the organization gave them tickets, they thought they were just going to the game. They had no idea they'd be on the field, hanging out with famous Chiefs players, past and present.

"Mike Bell, Christian Okoye, big hugs," Hedin said. "These guys are huge hearts."

Dante Hall, too. Jaxson did his best "X Factor" that he learned from the former player.

Dante Hall and Jaxson Kress

"They all wanted to take their pictures with him, and Jaxson felt like he was part of the team," Hedin said.

Jaxson left his mark, too, handing out wristbands with inspirational quotes. He gave one to Chris Jones that reads "Know Your Worth," and one to the MVP that says "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight."

"I wanted him to remember me and I wanted him to have a wristband that I gave him," Jaxson said.

Hedin said he has a long list of thank yous, between the Chiefs organization, the Hunt family and all the players, but most importantly to the Ronald McDonald House.

"I call it a slam dunk, I call it a home run," Hedin said. "I tell them that they hit this out of the park, because to make a little boy’s wish come true, it’s truly great."

The two will hold on to these memories tightly.

"For a lifetime," Hedin said, pointing to his son's heart. "You store it right there, and put it in your heart."

And those memories will have nothing to do with the score.

"He’s my mini," Hedin said.