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Illegal ATV riders continue to drive through Kansas City streets

Illegal ATV riders in Kansas City, Missouri
Posted at 5:17 PM, May 30, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department's Traffic Division conducted a coordinated effort to target dangerous driving in entertainment districts and the downtown area.

The plan consisted of more than 20 officers, resulting in 23 traffic stops.

Herds of ATV riders were spotted across Kansas City over the holiday weekend, even farther south than traditional entertainment areas like Westport and the Crossroads.

In the Waldo neighborhood, KSHB 41's Abby Dodge spotted a caravan of riders. Many were driving unlicensed ATVs.

KCPD said in a tweet it towed nine vehicles the Friday night before Memorial Day.

KCPD said it arrested four people, three of whom tried to run from police.

Officers cited five people for street racing, and 11 for spectating.

Additionally, the department worked two crashes that were because of street racing.

Police also reported multiple people who avoided arrest by driving away.

KSHB has reported in recent months about this increased effort, which they said is needed.

“It’s something that’s probably necessary,” said Cristina Hernandez, who works in the Crossroads. “It’s just something for safety precautions.”

KCPD said its Memorial Day weekend efforts will not be the last time people may notice an increased amount of officers looking for dangerous drivers.

The department will continue their entertainment district plan every weekend, which includes looking for illegal ATV riders