Asphalt truck driver charged with DUI following crash

Asphalt company expresses shock as details emerge
Posted at 4:21 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 19:17:42-04

An asphalt truck driver is charged with driving under the influence after the truck he was operating smashed into a portion of concrete along I-670.

Shay Michael Thompson, 23, was arrested after taking a sobriety test on the scene Tuesday. 

The legal alcohol limit for operating a commercial vehicle is 0.04 percent. Prosecutors said Thompson was over the limit.

The accident happened Tuesday afternoon on I-670 above Troost Avenue. 

The truck Thompson was driving damaged a concrete barricade.

Miles Jaben, a supervisor at Seal-O-Matic Paving Company where Thompson works, said the company is investigating the matter.

"This is a major incident in our eyes," Jaben said. "It's a safety hazard, so, to us that's a big deal."

Jaben said the company tracks its trucks. He said Thompson's vehicle didn't stop anywhere out of the ordinary Tuesday. 

"The guys he was working with that day were shocked," Jaben said.

According to Jaben, Thompson has been with Seal-O-Matic for less than a year. Still, Jaben said Thompson has been a standout employee.

"He's a hard working kid, really not something I expected," Jaben said. "It's really a shock."

The 41 Action News Investigators checked into the company's driving history. No major incidents were found. Thompson's record also appears to be clean. 

Jaben said the company has zero tolerance when it comes to substance abuse. The company has yet to reach Thompson regarding the incident.

The Missouri Department of Transportation closed two westbound lanes along I-670 and Troost on Wednesday for repairs. On Thursday, only one lane is expected to be closed. It could take up to two weeks for the highway to be repaired.