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I-Team pieces together eerie moments leading up to deadly KCK police shooting

Posted at 5:43 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 19:15:49-04

The 41 Action News Investigators are piecing together eerie information surrounding the deadly shooting involving Kansas City, Kan. Police Wednesday.

Multiple sources, including family members, have confirmed the person killed in that shooting was Manuel Palacio, 27.

Palacio's Facebook page 

Within hours of reporting the story Thursday morning, screenshots from Palacio's Facebook page were sent to 41 Action News.

While Palacio's Facebook posts are private, sources confirmed the validity of the posts.

Palacio frequently spoke about dying in the posts.

In a submission from April 27, he wrote, "I'll die before I go back to jail."

In another post, from the same day, he wrote, "The ending to my story is so [expletive] sad."

Palacio also states cops are "dirty" and that police pick and choose who goes to jail.

While KCKPD hasn't named Palacio as the man who was shot and killed. The department did say officers were making a drug-related arrest when they were approached by an armed suspect, Wednesday.

Palacio's history with law enforcement

41 Action News Investigators revealed early Thursday that Palacio recently sued the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department for excessive force.

Dashcam video of the arrest, released by the I-Team in 2015, showed officers punching and threatening Palacio, who was on the ground with his hands behind his back.

Palacio was the suspect in an armed robbery that day. 

He was sent to prison for stealing. 

Last year, when he was released from prison, he had $300,000 waiting for him.

While KCPD settled the lawsuit with Palacio, it did not claim any wrongdoing. 

Palacio shot and killed on anniversary of KCPD arrest

KCPD arrested Palacio on May 2, 2014.

Palacio was shot and killed by KCKPD on Wednesday, May 2.

Calls were placed to KCKPD about the I-Team's findings.

Those calls were not immediately returned.

Police still have not identified Palacio as the suspect who was shot.