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KC-area schools issue varying responses to unspecified mass shooting threat

Clay County Sheriff's Office
Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 19:14:03-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As Blue Springs police searched for a suspect accused of making an unspecified threat of a mass shooting, some Kansas City area schools shutdown, as others remained open.

Most of the schools that closed were in Eastern Jackson County, near Blue Springs, where the threat originated.

In the Northland, Lt. Scott Archer said the Clay County Sheriff's Office began working with North Kansas City Schools to assess the threat.

"I believe the FBI was doing some background on a possible suspect in Blue Springs area and deemed the threat to be (limited) to that area," Archer said.

Still, the threat led to shutdowns across multiple school districts.

"I think partnered along with the Texas incidents and being it's summer school, it was a lot easier of a decision to make," Archer said.

While the threat was not aimed specifically at a school, students and parents expressed anguish at the ongoing threats of violence.

"It's like you're taking a chance, it's like you're risking your kids lives when you send them to school now," a parent told KSHB 41

One of the children whose school closed for the day said, "I should not have to worry about blood being shed on my math homework."

Archer said law enforcement and school security are constantly evaluating threats and said that what happened in Blue Springs is not uncommon.

He also said the public may see more instances like this due to an increase of awareness.

"I just think that after the incident in Texas, that everything is placed out there," Archer said.

In light of Uvalde, Archer said more schools may shut down out of an abundance of caution when these type of threats occur.

"Moving forward, I think everything is under a microscope and everything — there's a spotlight on it," Archer said.

The quick action taken by Blue Springs Police Department is something Archer applauds. He wants parents to know that quick action is the standard.

"I believe that what you saw at Blue Springs is what you see across the metro with every school district," Archer said. "Everything is handled instantly. There's no delay, there's no waiting, there's no sitting back to let the dust settle."