Metro concrete contractor faces new charges

Five new felony cases against Bob Williams

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The list of people who claim a Metro concrete contractor ripped them off is growing.

New cases have been filed against Bob Williams in five metro counties resulting in 11 new felony charges of deceptive business practice.

Only the 41 Action News Investigators were there as Williams appeared in Jackson County Court Friday morning for a hearing in a six-count felony case filed last year.

Now, the Missouri Attorney General's Office has named 11 new accusers claiming Williams ripped them off.

Three of those people have already told their stories to the 41 Action News Investigators over the last two and a half years.

They include Sean Daugherty and Julie Schmidt who both told the 41 Action News Investigators in October 2015 they paid Williams for bad work, incomplete work or work he never did.

Linda Platt told the 41 Action News Investigators a similar story in February about a basement remodeling job she paid Williams to do, but he never did it.

Platt is one of five people who claimed Williams ripped them off in a new Jackson County case charging him with five counts of felony deceptive business practice.

Other accusers in the Jackson County case include Karen Metcalf who says she paid Williams $8,750 for concrete and landscaping work on August 1, 2015.

But she says Williams never did anything.

James Sheahon says he paid Williams $3,000 on May 11, 2015 for a down payment on driveway work.

Sheahon says Williams never did anything.

From September to December 2015, court records state Linnea Plowman paid Williams a total of $29,172.78 for various concrete and landscaping services.

Court records claim Williams completed less than $6,500 worth of that work.

Julie Schmidt along with Linda Platt are also included as new accusers in the Jackson County case.

Daugherty is one of three accusers in the new Clay County case.

The other two are Sheryl Sterling-Groe and Dana Moffet.

Sterling-Groe said she paid Williams two checks totaling $23,500 for patio and landscaping work in March 2015.

She says Williams poured the concrete for the back patio, but later told her it was the wrong consistency and he would replace it.

Court records say Williams never returned and never paid the subcontractors he hired.

In June 2015, a company Williams hired to deliver rock for Moffet allegedly cracked her concrete pad.

In November 2015, Williams told Moffet he'd fix the concrete pad if she released the last $1,000 for the landscaping project, which she did.

Court records state after Moffet paid Williams, he never showed up to fix the concrete pad.

In a case against Williams filed in Johnson County, Missouri, Bryan Payne claims on August 17, 2015 he paid Williams $1,500 for concrete and landscaping work.

Court records state Williams never did any work and never refunded Payne.

In a new case filed in Platte County, Wanda Straley says she paid Williams $2,000 in June 2015 for materials to be used for concrete and landscaping work.

But court records state Williams never showed up to do the work and he didn't refund Straley's money.

In a Cass County case filed against Williams, William and Cynthia Buchholz say in May 2015, they paid Williams the entire amount of $3,200 to Williams to refinish their basement floor.

Court records state Williams told the couple his house was being sold on the courthouse steps and he needed the remaining funds from their contract to purchase it back.

However, Williams house was not being sold.

Court records also say Williams told Buchholz he would come back to the house to add additional sealer to the floor, but never did.

Williams has posted bonds in Jackson, Clay, Platte, Johnson and Cass Counties for the five new cases.

He has pending court appearances for all five new cases.

At his appearance Friday for the 2017 Jackson County case, a new hearing date was set for July 13.

At that point, the newly filed Jackson County case may be consolidated with the 2017 case and a trial date is expected to be set.

When asked about the five new cases against Williams, his attorney Clifton Davis said, "No comment".

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