Missouri, Kansas use Powerball money differently

Posted at 4:38 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 07:32:30-05

Not all the money collected for the big Powerball drawing will go to a winner or winners. Part of the money will go to the various states where the tickets are sold.

How that money is spent varies in the 44 states where Powerball is played. Missouri and Kansas spend their lottery proceeds very differently.

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In 1992, voters in Missouri passed an amendment requiring all lottery proceeds go to public education.

  • The breakdown has more than 65 cents of every dollar going to winners of the state's various lottery games.
  • Twenty-four cents goes to public education programs and the rest goes to administrative costs and commissions and bonuses to retailers.

In budget year 2015, more than $303 million went to Missouri public education. The largest portion of that money, nearly $175 million, went to various programs in primary and secondary education.

The money formula in Kansas is different.

  • Just over half, 57 percent, of game proceeds goes to prize money and nearly 30 percent goes to the state gaming revenue fund.
  • Most of the money goes to the state's economic developments initiative fund.
  • Correctional and juvenile detention center funds also get a portion.

The problem gambling fund gets $80,000 and any money in excess of $50 million by law goes to the state of Kansas general fund.

In Kansas budget year 2015, which ended June 30, $25 million went to the general fund.