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'It feels great': Pleasant Hill business relieved city lifted boil advisory

Press Monkey Studio
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 10, 2024

PLEASANT HILL, Mo — Five days after Pleasant Hill crews started searching for the cause of the city’s dangerously low water tower levels, residents can safely drink water from their homes and businesses.

The city lifted its boil advisory Monday afternoon, citing sample tests without evidence of contamination.

The highly-anticipated news came as Press Monkey Studio was closing up for the day.

“It feels great. It feels great,” said co-owner Brian Pilachowski. “So it will be a lot less work on our end to get our stuff and make stuff for customers. And we can be a little bit quicker again.”

Pilachowski owns the store alongside his sister-in-law Martha Drasney.

Drasney handles the coffee shop and Pilachowski sticks to screen printing.

Both facets of their business need water.

Pilachowski was able to use a spray bottle with clean water and rag to take care of his screens.

Drasney had a few more hoops to jump through. She found food-safe buckets to fill up with clean water, then pumped it into their espresso machine to keep customers flowing through their doors.

“Being a part of the community means adapting, and being able to pivot and change what we do with the conditions we are dealt,” she said.

After citizens passed a bond issue in April, the city is planning to improve its water infrastructure.