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Jackson County Public Health applauds cities for rental inspection programs, pushes for more

Grandview, Buckner, Sugar Creek and Raytown each have a rental inspection program in place.
Grandview Rental Inspection Program
Posted at 6:17 AM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 11:20:28-04

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — With 29% of eastern Jackson County being home to renters, the Jackson County Public Health Department released a study highlighting the health effectsof cities having a rental inspection program in place.

Currently, four cities in the county inspect rentals regularly.

Grandview, Raytown, Buckner and Sugar Creek were highlighted in the study. The study said if Blue Springs and Lee's Summit implemented a similar program, then a total of 83% of all renters in eastern Jackson County would be covered.

Grandview's rental inspection program began in 2019. Landlords pay a fee to register their units with the city, and every time there is a vacancy, the city inspects the unit before the next tenant can move in. A tenant can also ask the city to inspect while living in the unit.

Randy Dunn, director of community development for the city of Grandview, estimated around half of the population rents. He said he views the program as a positive for all involved.

“We're able to make sure that all rental properties are being inspected, and that way it gives a peace of mind for renters when they're moving in to know that they're not going to be any health or safety issues that they're going to be dealing with," Dunn said.

Keith Kimber has been the Grandview rental inspector since 2021.

According to a records request, he did 937 rental inspections in 2023. Kimber estimated he could have up to 50 inspections a week.

KSHB 41 News followed Kimber around on an inspection, where he checked that the rental unit was up to code and there weren't any concerns.

Some things he wrote the unit up for were items stored in the utility room and smoke detectors that were not interconnected. Kimber said those would be easy fixes, and it helps that he has developed a relationship with the landlord because of the program.

“I come across units like this almost on a daily, and some of the minor things that that we've just witnessed, they're quickly corrected, and then they get back with me and take care of it," Kimber said. “So by me having a good working relationship with the contractor and the management, we can quickly get it resolved if there is a tenant complaint.”

To learn more about Grandview's rental inspection program, click here.