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Jackson County to sell old Arrowhead seats to Chiefs fans

Old Seats Outside of Arrowhead
Old Seats Sit Outside of Arrowhead
Posted at 9:18 PM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 23:11:26-04

From stunning finishes to the 2018 AFC Championship game, Arrowhead Stadium has a storied history — and soon, fans may be able to take home a piece of it.

The Jackson County Legislature approved a plan Monday to move 30,000 old Arrowhead Stadium seats and store them, while the county figures out how to best resell them to fans.

"It is taxpayer seats and so we wanted to make sure they didn't get destroyed. We wanted to give fans an opportunity to be able to own one of the seats at some point," County Executive Frank White said.

The seats were ripped out of Arrowhead's upper deck as part of an $11.5 million renovation this offseason. Initially, the team planned on recycling most of the seats. However, Jackson County intervened and decided to salvage them.

Currently, the seats are sitting in piles in a parking lot outside Arrowhead.

"We feel like we will make more they way we are doing it," White said.

Jackson County will pay $42,725 to haul and store the seats in Olathe for three months. Because the county did not survey the seats before making a decision, it is unclear how many seats can be resold.

However, once the seats are collected and stored, White said the county will assess what can be reassembled and resold versus what will need to be recycled.

"Nothing is for certain, but there's been evidence around the country that this process does work," he said.