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Kansas City Curling Club cleans up after weekend flood

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Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 29, 2024

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo — As the metro area prepares for another round of spring storms, some people are still cleaning up the mess left by last weekend's storms.

Flood waters rushed into the pantry and lounge at the Kansas City Curling Club, leaving a mess Sunday that took several hours to clean up.

“We had water up to your ankles in those two rooms,” said Leigh Palmer, Kansas City Curling Club member and its facility manager.

The ice used for the sport was not impacted by the flood waters, a blessing for members as the club's season-ending tournament is set for this week.

To get the facility ready for the Monday morning league, the club asked for fans and dehumidifiers from the community.

“So it’s really helped a lot. The community of Blue Springs is great,” said Palmer. “They really are.”

The club will melt all of the ice after the weekend tournament.

The season picks back up in October.