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Kansas City, Missouri, City Council passes $1.9 billion 2022-23 city budget

KCMO city council members
Posted at 3:36 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 23:14:08-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City, Missouri, City Council members voted 12-1 Thursday to pass the city's budget.

The $1.9 billion budget, which was first proposed in February, is higher than the last fiscal year which was $1.73 billion.

According to the city, the extra money came from COVID-19 relief funds.

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department will have the most money allocated from the budget at $269 million. City officials say that's $4 million more than the recommended amount.

This will allow KCPD to recruit an additional 150 officers as well as increase pay for officers, civilian staff, the communications unit and 911 call-takers, according to the city.

As part of KCPD's increased budget, council members also voted on an ordinance dubbed the Community Policing and Prevention Fund.

It allocated an additional $33 million to the department.

“The budget passing today is a great step towards getting our staffing to where it needs to be to provide for the safety of Kansas City," said KCPD spokesperson Jake Becchina. "We are thankful to all who worked on the budget during the last several months.”

The vote was 12-1 with Councilman Brandon Ellington being the lone council member to vote against it.

Council members said the additional funding will add accountability within the department.

A partial breakdown of the budget is below:

  • Housing Trust Fund: $12.5 million
  • Tenants Right to Counsel Program: $2.5 million
  • Emergency Rental Assistance Program: $40 million
  • Public Works: $145 million
  • Police: $269 million

Budget funds will also be used for litter cleanup, snow removal vehicles, dangerous buildings demolition and increased tree planting, among others.