Kansas City police collect evidence at Kylr Yust's grandfather's house

Yust was transported to KCMO on his 28th birthday
PD collect evidence at Yust's relative's house
Posted at 7:15 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2020-01-03 07:39:59-05

Police on Wednesday searched the home of the grandfather of the man police say burned the car of a missing woman.

Detectives swarmed the house where Kylr Yust's grandfather lived. Yust was the last person seen with Jessica Runions six days ago.

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According to Yust’s grandfather, Alfred, Kylr slept in a tiny bedroom at his house for days before he was arrested in southeast Benton County, Missouri. 

Detectives with KCPD’s fugitive apprehension unit brought Yust back to Kansas City on Wednesday, his 28th birthday. 

Search warrant issued on Wednesday morning for Kylr Yust's grandfather's house

Judge Janette Rodecap signed a search for Yust's grandfather's home. 

What they searched for:

The property, security on the front entry door material, substance or persons to be searched is described as follows:

  • Firearms
  • Burned or partially burned clothing
  • A blue plaid flannel shirt and black yoga pants
  • A white i-Phone 6 in a black and white case
  • A brown leather purse with shoulder strap
  • Red or burgundy women's shoes with white on the bottom
  • Chevy car keys on a black "Nightmare Before Christmas" lanyard
  • Red men's shoes and blue jeans
  • Trace evidence 

What they found:

  • Swab
  • Alcohol pad with blood
  • Blue plaid shirt
  • Q-Tip with blood

Kylr Yust's court background 

Yust is accused of burning Runions’ car. The family of the 21-year-old woman has said she was seen leaving a house party with Yust.

“This kid has a very bad background,” Michele Runions, Jessica’s aunt said in an interview Saturday.

According to Jackson County courts documents filed in a child support case,  Yust was released from prison five weeks before Runions' disappearance.

He spent almost four years at the Federal Correctional Institution, El Reno outside of Oklahoma City for attempting to distribute a drug with the street name “Meow Meow.”

Federal court documents show Yust’s relationship with his mother is strained. He didn't know his mom until he was teen and his father was a meth addict.

Growing up, Yust was sexually abused, and diagnosed as bipolar. He also has a history of substance abuse including drinking as an 11-year-old, and doing cocaine at the age of 14.

Now as the search Runions intensifies, Yust is behind bars.


If you have any information about Runions’ disappearance call KCPD Missing Persons at 816-234-5136, TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477(TIPS).