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Kansas City provides update on GO Bond sidewalk repairs

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 19:06:52-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are currently 79 sidewalk repair projects underway funded through GO Bonds, but there are several hundred others on the backlog.

One homeowner in South Hyde Park said her sidewalk poses a danger. 

"When the rains came I went ahead and put up the yellow caution tape up,” said Kristine Keller.

For the last several years she has had a mess of a sidewalk next to her house near 41st and Holmes. 

"I’ve seen several children fall face first,” Keller said. 

She’s just a block up from Gillham Park.

"If this was just in front of my house and I had to deal with that going out to my car, that’s one thing, but this is a pathway to the park,” Keller said. 

Staff at City Hall have learned about Keller’s sidewalk issue and said Keller isn’t alone. 

"Pictures like that one show the need and show why people showed up and voted for GO Bond repairs,” said Beth Breitenstein, a spokeswoman for KCMO Public Works.

On Tuesday, there was an update on sidewalk repairs during a KC Stat meeting. 




They’ve inspected 75 percent of the 1,471 locations on the backlog for repairs. 

"As far back as 2008 -- we’re starting with those oldest first and moving through the list,” Breitenstein said. 

Since crews started working in the spring, they’ve completed at least 62 blocks. 

"There’s a high concentration south of the river and down towards 39th Street because that’s where a lot of problems exist,” Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Sly James said. 

Each year, $6 million is allocated for sidewalk repairs. 

"The overall sentiment in the neighborhood is frustration,” South Hyde Park representative Chris Koch said. "You see sidewalks getting replaced on Ward Parkway every year in an area that has significantly better sidewalks than this.”

While we caught up with crews working on West 66th Terrace near Ward Parkway, folks who live in the area said they face the same problems others do in Midtown.

"The trees have gotten older. They’ve grown those roots, have uprooted the sidewalks; certain sections aren’t even passable,” said homeowner Bill Svoboda. 

Which Svoboda has dealt with for more than a decade - until now.

"I’m very thrilled about how aggressive they've been since we passed that bond,” Svoboda said.

Keller told 41 Action News crews inspected her sidewalk Tuesday morning and agreed it is a hazard. Work is expected to begin soon. 

There are two alternatives ways to pay for sidewalk repairs besides the GO bonds. One is to apply for PIAC funds. The other is to pay for the sidewalk repairs out of your own pocket.

Track progress on the Full Block Spot Repair Projects map: