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Kansas City sisters partner on children’s book series to get kids excited about reading

Diana Reynolds and Andrea Perez
Posted at 8:01 PM, Sep 06, 2023

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Wednesday was National Read A Book Day, but for two KCMO sisters every day is read a book day.

Diana Reynolds and Andrea Perez are on a mission to share their love for education, children and reading.

“It’s creates this great imagination, creativity, self esteem,” said Andrea Perez.

The 2010 the loss of Andrea's husband, Eddie, in Afghanistan, prompted her to put her emotions on paper.

She began with journaling and worked with her sister to create a children's book series – “Eddie and Fred.”

“What a way to honor such an incredible person than to create a children's book series where he (Eddie) is a positive role model and we can help other students,” Perez said.

The books help children understand their emotions.

“It doesn’t take a mask and a cape to be a super hero,” Reynolds said. “It takes really great qualities like friendship and kindness and courage and that's what makes you a super hero.”

Both sisters said their goal is to get kids excited about writing their own stories.

“Reading books just isn't about reading a fun story, it's about students, children learning, it’s about them growing, exploring differ opportunities,” Perez said.

Children can take a blank page and create their own worlds.

They can put whoever they want in their books and they can be about anything that they want and anybody can be a writer,” Reynolds said.