Woman wants justice after dog killed at home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro mother wants justice after she says her dog was killed inside of her own home by a relative.

Monique Collins says her dog Zeus was almost one. They'd had him for almost a year when she said a cousin who lives in the neighborhood entered their home and attacked Zeus with a knife.

Monique Collins is begging for action after she says her dog was brutally killed in her home.

"He came over here with intentions to do what he did. Zeus came towards him. He stabbed Zeus at least twice. Zeus tried to leave. He grabbed him dragged him into the hallway and stabbed him in his throat at least five times," said Collins.

Collins says her seven children witnessed the attack, including her 2-year-old. She said police questioned the relative but no arrests were made. Collins posted her story and pictures of her dog's bloodied body on a lost and found pet Facebook page for support and to share her grief.

"We considered him a part of our family. I wanted people to know what was going on with me and my story. It's like he murdered our dog, brutally and nothing got done," said Collins.

We contacted the Kansas City Police Department. They said a police sergeant did respond to the home address but they could not find a police report connected to the alleged incident.

The family does plan to get another dog.

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