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NFL Green works with local nonprofits to recycle NFL Draft materials

NFL Draft cleanup
Posted at 5:06 PM, May 01, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City is off the clock as the 2023 NFL Draft is officially over, but the NFL's work is not yet done in Kansas City.

The materials that were used throughout the NFL footprint are being repurposed and recycled to local nonprofits in need.

"We hope that whatever use they put it to will benefit the organization," said Jack Groh, Director of NFL Green.

Local non-profits have NFL Green to thank, the leagues environmental program. While the NFL Draft moved in and out of Kansas City pretty quickly, NFL Green aims to leave a lasting impact on each community it touches.

"What we like to do is try and leave something permanent, leave some kind of a legacy so that even years from now, there will be something that we did that survives and lasts," said Groh.

Habitat for Humanity is just one of dozens of nonprofits on the receiving end of the NFL Green generosity.

"We're just really happy to partner with anybody who is being active in reducing their impact on our community while also finding a way to invest in that community," said Kellen Jenkins, Habitat for Humanity Kansas City.

On Monday, Habitat for Humanity ReStores loaded up materials to be resold at their five locations across the metro area.

"Lumber, fabric, decor, huge set pieces from the stage," said Groh.

The money ReStores make from those sales will then be used for their programs.

"All of that will be sold back out and then all of that money comes back in to support our affordable housing programs, our affordable home repair programs so it will go on to impact a lot of people," said Jenkins.

Recycling the materials from the draft is NFL Green's way to make a big impact on the community while also leaving its mark on Kansas City.

"We donate extra food, we donate all the materials we use renewable energy wherever possible and we also divert as much waste as we can," said Groh.

NFL Green also donated leftover food. As of Monday, Groh said over 4,000lbs of leftovers were donated to local non-profits in need.


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