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KCMO non-profit that helps homeless has power shut off

Posted at 9:21 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 23:18:37-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Reconciliation Services is a mainstay at 31st and Troost.

Every Friday, Father Justin Mathews, executive director of the organization, caters to Kansas City's working poor and homeless.

They come in for a hot meal as the nights get colder.

Volunteers hustle to feed more than 400 people.

A Herculean task, given that during the last week they've had to run the building using a generator.

The city recently deemed the building next door as dangerous. 

The meter attached to it also serves 3101 Troost which meant lights out at Reconciliation Services last Monday.

"It was cut off without any notice, it would have been wonderful to have had 10-15 minutes to help the elderly volunteers and some of our clients in our programs off of the fourth floor and the second floor," Father Mathews told 41 Action News. 

Volunteers chipped in to buy a diesel generator.

A temporary fix that's adding up for this organization that helps job seekers who need an ID and families looking for assistance with rent and utilities. 

"We have to disentangle our power from this old system that's in the neighbor's basement and bring it over here onto our building," Father Mathews said.

He estimates it'll cost at least $75,000 to cover the expenses.

KCP&L wrote in a statement to 41 Action News:

“KCP&L is aware of the situation at Reconciliation Services. Safety is always our top priority. Unfortunately, the unsafe conditions of the building in which their meter was located made it unsafe for our crews to work. We have been and continue to work with Reconciliation Services to assist as we can with their needs including a charitable donation to help them with expenses.”

"They're going to work with us to try to expedite the permitting process and the construction process," Father Mathews said.

He's also asking for the public's help. 

"We can address the blight of the buildings but if we don't address the blight of the heart that created the conditions of poverty east of Troost and in this neighborhood, all we're doing is moving neighbors from one place to another," Father Mathews said.

If you would like to make a donation, visit here.