Family identify child who died in KCMO Tuesday

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 21:57:45-04

Family told 41 Action News the child who died in Kansas City, Missouri Tuesday was 8-year-old Audrick Warren

Police in Kansas City, Missouri were called to the home on North London Avenue around noon. Officers found the child wasn't breathing and he was pronounced dead at the scene.




The cause of Audrick’s death is still under investigation.

“It's actually terrifying and I really feel for the family," said Elizabeth Henningfeld, who lives nearby.

Later, the boy’s mother, Aushena Warren, jumped from the Bond Bridge. 

“The female stopped on the bridge on the Bond Bridge and just jumped off the bridge," KCFD Battalion Chief Larry Young with the rescue division said.

The fire department said she dove nearly 80 feet into the Missouri River. She survived the fall but her condition is not known at this time. 

"The survivability is pretty low especially when somebody takes a fall quite like that it knocks the wind out of them and they're in trouble right from the start," Young said.

Firefighters were in the middle of a water rescue training when the call came in.

"They circled around, the swimmer went off the boat, gained control of the victim they put her in the boat, put a life jacket on her and transported her back here to the ramp where she was turned over to the Kansas City Fire Department and EMS," Young said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, police have not confirmed the two cases are connected.

Nancy Ash, a family friend, told 41 Action News that this week’s developments left her in disbelief.

“There's just shock. She (Aushena) is a beautiful girl,” she explained. “The kids are beautiful kids."

Ash explained that she had kept in touch with Warren’s husband, Roderick.

After she last spoke to him, she said the family was in good spirits.

“I don't know when she(Aushena) moved to Kansas City but he called me and told me his wife was coming to Kansas City,” she explained. “He was happy about it."

Photographer Duke Pham, another acquaintance of Aushena Warren, said he knew the mother of two children for several years through her modeling career.

He said he last saw her around two years ago when the two worked in Illinois.

“I could see the relationship between her and her children,” he explained. “Everything looked fine and everything looked happy to me."

Pham said Warren’s positivity and kindness were things he remembered most about her.

“She would always be nice with everybody, especially with children,” he said.

Editor's note: Family told 41 Action News that the young child who died was Audrick Warren.