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League of Women Voters in KC are hosting series of forums ahead of busy election season

League of Women Voters in KC hosting forums ahead of busy election season
Posted at 6:52 AM, Jul 11, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo — With a busy election season coming up, the League of Women Voters in Kansas City will be hosting a series of forums.

These virtual forums are a way for voters to know what's on their ballot. Cheryl Barnes with the organization said it's a way to inform and educate people.

“When we make decisions, it's almost like a hiring decision," said Barnes. "If we were going to hire somebody, would we want that person to be part of our group, part of managing our city, our state, our government, at any level. So it's important to know about how they feel and if their vision aligns with ours, and then to vote accordingly.”

Each forum is free and will be held virtually, kicking off with the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Race.

“A forum is a good way to meet the candidate who could be representing you, and especially in the primaries," said Barnes.

Schedule of the forums:

  • Thursday, July 11, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
    Candidates are Stephanie M. Burton (D), Tracey Chappell (R) John Gromowsky (D) and Melesa Johnson (D)
  • Tuesday, July 16, Missouri State Senate Districts 7 and 9
    The candidates are SSD 7: Pat Contreras (D), Joey LaSalle (R) and Patty Lewis (D)
    SSD 9: Derron Black (R), Brandon Ellington (D) and Barbara Washington (D)
  • Wednesday, July 17, House Districts 15 and 56
    Candidates are HD 15: Kenneth Jamison (D), Mike Jones (R) and Greg Smith (D) HD 56: Todd Berck (R), Michael Davis (R), Pam Jenkins Hatcher (D) and Ryan Johnson (R)
  • Thursday, July 18, Missouri State Senate District 11
    Candidates are: David Martin (R), Aaron McMullin (R), Joe Nicola (R) and Robert Sauls (D)
  • Wednesday, July 24, Missouri House Districts 19, 28 and 33
    Candidates are MHD 19: Patricia Ann Geronima Hernandez (D), Karen L. Spalding (R) and Wick Thomas (D) MHD 28 are Donna Barnes (D) Steven W. Hinton (R) and Mike Sager (D) MHD 33 are Carolyn S. Caton (R) and Chris Sander (R)
  • Thursday, July 25, Missouri Senate District 31
    Candidates are Rick Brattin (R), Michael Haffner (R), Dan Houx (R) and Raymond James (D)

You must register on their website in order to attend each forum.