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Leavenworth elementary school uses Chiefs excitement as educational tool

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 18:53:11-05

LEAVENWORTH, Kan.  — Schools in the Kansas City metro area are using the success of the Kansas City Chiefs to their advantage.

Anthony Elementary kindergarten teacher Maggie Wells saw the idea for a homemade Patrick Mahomes on social media. She decided to build it out of boxes and put it in her classroom.

"Being able to incorporate the Chiefs into learning is just a great opportunity," Wells said.

Wells said she uses the crafty Mahomes lookalike as a way to get her students excited about learning "sight words," such as "he," which are commonly used and good for young students to memorize.

When her students head out the door, they practice the word by whispering it to the Mahomes.

Wells said the craft isn't only for reading practice.

"I think Mahomes is just a great role model for the kids," Wells said. "Here at Anthony we have character traits, respect and responsibility, and he's like the definition of respect and responsibility, and it's something the kids can look up to."

Red and gold is all over the school right now. Principal Scott Kessler said everything about the Chiefs can be used as lesson, from their players to their perseverance.

"You may be struggling in reading or math, but don't give up. Just like the Chiefs, they ended up reaching their goal and you can too," Kessler said.

The school has been working Chiefs themes into subjects including math and literacy, too. It's clear the students are loving it, and their teachers are too.

"Doing all these activities helps me contain my excitement and get out theirs as well, and we just have a great time," Wells said.