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Lee's Summit family learning to learn remotely

Lee's Summit Virtual Learning
Posted at 5:59 AM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 06:59:23-05

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. — The Lee's Summit School District moved all grades to remote learning until at least the middle of January.

One family in the district has four students in four grades, navigating an unprecedented school year.

"They typically work in a playroom we call it, it's kind of been morphed into a schoolroom," mom Melanie Cox said.

Myla and Noah, first and third graders at Summit Pointe Elementary, get to work each morning with father Andy working next door and mother Melanie, checking in.

"I would say that it's, they're handling it well most of the time, but I do think it increases some of their anxiety and making you know timing and schedules and even when we're trying to be calm I think it is more stressful, especially for the younger ones," Melanie said. "We know from the beginning that it's going to be a challenge. We also know that change is never easy."

That’s the downstairs school room. Upstairs, two more students are settled in for class.

"My middle schooler goes between her room, and our room where she has like a makeshift desk," Melanie explained.

Leah is in the seventh grade at Summit Lakes Middle School and Cale is a freshman at Lee’s Summit West.

"She chose to be Online Academy from the beginning," Melanie said of her high schooler.

Now everyone is learning - as teachers continue to adjust.

"I have goosebumps just talking about it I know that they care so deeply for these kids," Melanie said, talking about the district's educators.

The Cox family is adjusting, as a unit.

"Every day is different, so we may plan ahead but we just take it day by day. And when we do day by day. Sometimes our wins are bigger," Melanie said.

The experience has taught Melanie a lot.

"Kindness both to them and to myself, not holding myself to a standard that's unreasonable," she explained.

She has this advice for her parental peers.

"Don't compare yourself to anyone else, your story and your family is not the neighbors, it's not someone you saw on social media, it's not even maybe your closest friends, it's completely different. So take it for what it's worth. Comparison is the thief of joy, so don't compare yourself, it's your life," Melanie said.

Life has changed everything for everyone, but when she puts her kids to bed, Melanie said she reminds her four kids that they’re doing their part.

"It's a different experience for each of us but someday when you remember it you'll remember you helped people," she said.