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LIST | Here’s what Kansas Citians said they want to see on Country Club Plaza

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Posted at 3:20 PM, Jul 09, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Earlier this month, we asked Kansas City residents what they wanted to see on the Country Club Plaza as HP Village Management takes over the property.

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Since then, we've received more than 750 ideas. Many are similar — crime and safety, pedestrian amenities, restaurants and the mix of retail (national vs. local; high-end vs. everyday).

And dozens of comments included more than one idea.

"Maintain the beautiful Spain tile, motifs and architecture," one commenter wrote. "More security. Higher police presence. Relevant stores and restaurants. Include events of live music, flamenco dance and guitar."

Here's the breakdown of the most frequently mentioned topics:

  • Safety: 290
  • Retail: 276
  • Restaurants: 180
  • Pedestrian Experience: 147
  • Local Options: 134
  • Entertainment: 115
  • Landscape: 78
  • Auto Experience: 58
  • Architecture: 56

The single most frequent topic surrounded safety.
During last week's introductory press conference, HP Village Management President Ray W. Wishburne acknowledged the importance of making improvements in that area.

'There's no eyes on the property': New Plaza owners talk safety, security

Many commenters suggested specific retailers and shops they wanted to see on the Plaza, but there was one brand name that surfaced more than others: Houston's/Hill Stone.

The former Plaza restaurant was specifically referenced 29 times among the responses. Scott Summers, who is in charge of leasing with the new ownership group, said he's making note of such feedback.

'That feedback has been very noted': New Plaza owners discuss restaurant options

Although not the most frequent response, many commenters spoke about the need to improve the pedestrian experience around the Plaza.

"I am an architect who lives, works and often plays in the Plaza. I drive and walk in the Plaza every day. Crossings are horribly unsafe for pedestrians; Kansas City unfortunately has too many drivers that ignore even red lights," the commenter said. "Safety is the biggest thing. Wayfinding and lighting are something that would help the Plaza IMMENSELY."

Washburne briefly addressed the pedestrian experience, saying the new owners plan to release additional details this fall.

'We've got to redo the entire street design': New Plaza owners address future pedestrian experience