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Local businesses in Kansas, Missouri are prepared for holiday season sales

Local businesses in Kansas, Missouri are prepared for holiday season sales
Posted at 6:05 PM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 19:05:32-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This holiday season, many local businesses in the Kansas City area have prepared for increased sales and shoppers.

Stocking and stacking early, A Store Named Stuff located in Brookside is ready for the holiday rush.

“We always say it's a marathon that we train for all year long,” said Casey Simmons, co-owner of A Store Named Stuff. 

Although getting help behind the register to prepare for sales and customers was a challenge.

“Hiring was not particularly simple or easy this year,” said Sloane Simmons, co-owner of A Store Named Stuff.

The store had to be a step ahead in the hiring process.

“We had to start early on and (then) we had to make a financial investment because you then have to invest in their hours and that person,” said Casey Simmons. 

However, over in Mission, Kyle Maggart, owner of Brothers Music and Brothers Toys and Collectibles, has been toying with the same issue. 

“We're not in a position to start our employees what Amazon can start their employees at or what Target can start their employees at,” said Maggart.

Maggart says he has eight staff members in both his toy and record store, but he's been spinning to ensure items are unboxed for customers who come in.

“Sales have just been so hard to predict, so ordering is hard to do," said Maggart. "You don’t know if you need a case of 8, or 3 cases of 8.”

Owners of both stores say going into this holiday season that they are ready to roll out the sales, hoping that customers support them.

“Small businesses are what makes a city unique," said Maggart. "It's what (makes) that city stand out from others, and if you don't support them, they will just go out of business one by one."