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Local police departments seeking applicants for full-time positions

Posted at 12:21 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 19:08:08-05

OLATHE, Kan. — Area police departments are struggling to find employees.

"The department has been fully staffed in my time here, for one full day," said Sgt. Logan Bonney, Olathe Police Department. 

Several departments in the metro are using social media as a recruiting tool.

“Social media is really big for us as well as some of the events we do like coffee with a cop, we want to get out in the community and let them see how rewarding this job can be," said Bonney. 

Olathe, Lenexa and Overland Park police departments all have ads for full-time positions posted on their Twitter pages. 

Booney has been with the Olathe Police Department for 13 years. Since he joined the force, recruitment has been an on-going problem. and retention of police officers

"We need officers, you know, we are short officers," Bonney said. 

Full staff for the Olathe Police Department is 183 officers. For Overland Park, it’s 255 officers. A number they haven’t been able to reach in months.

"I think back about 7-8 months ago, we were full for about 5 minutes," said Chief Frank Donchez, Overland Park Police Department. 

The constant job turnover creates more stress on officers if the vacancies aren't being filled.

"Quite honestly, at some point, there becomes a burnout, and so, yes, that can be a little bit taxing at times," said Chief Donchez. 

Each month – you can apply for a full-time position with the local police department. The application process starts with a written test.