Local women send Mother's Day cards to moms who lost children to violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For some moms in the metro, Mother’s Day will not be a day of celebration.

Instead, it will be met with tears and sadness — a reminder of their children, who have died because of violence.

“I don’t want anyone to feel that way,” said Nikki Comer, a mother of two.

Comer has not lost a child to violence. But after reading about a recent homicide in Kansas City, she felt compelled to do something for the mothers of these victims.

She went on Facebook and made a simple plea.

Comer wanted to send Mother’s Day cards to moms who might not be getting them this year.

The post caught the attention of Michelle Graham, who in addition to running A Sistah’s Love Mentoring, lost a niece to homicide three weeks ago.

She has helped Comer secure card donations and make a list of mothers to send the cards to.

On Friday, they met for the first time and started writing on some of the cards.  



“I know this card can never take away your pain,” Graham wrote.

“You’re the gift that never stops giving,” Comer wrote on another card.

The two mothers are still collecting Mother’s Day card donations.

They would also like the names of moms who have lost children, so they can send these cards to them.

If you have a name to pass along or want to donate cards, you can contact the women by emailing them at Nikki_Comer@yahoo.com and Mgraham.aslm@gmail.com

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