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Longtime fan has been to all four Chiefs Super Bowls

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Posted at 9:27 AM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-07 10:27:45-05

Chiefs fans know that this is the fourth Super Bowl appearance in team history, with the Chiefs looking for victory number three in Tampa. We've met several fans who were at last year's game in Miami, but there aren't many who were there for all four Chiefs Super Bowls.

This man is one of them. Bill McNutt lives in Texas now, but he told us he spent six or seven summers living in Kansas City, working for coach Hank Stram. He has quite the collection of tickets on the lanyard around his neck, and they're not all for Super Bowls.

"So, I absolutely had to be here today, and this is my ticket to Super Bowl I. You see they're not quite as cheap as they once were. $12 dollars, and they had 20,000 unsold tickets that day in the LA Coliseum. And they I was a ball boy for Super Bowl IV in New Orleans against the Vikings."Now this is one that you're never gonna see. This is the first football game that the Dallas Texans ever played, because of course the franchise in 1960-61-62 were the Dallas Texans. This is the very first game, now I did not go that game, this is my father's ticket stub, McNutt said."

He estimates that there are only nine or ten people who have been to every Chiefs Super Bowl, and he says most of those are members of the Hunt family.