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Man carries 2 nightclub shooting victims to safety

Dominique Harlin wants to make sure they are alive
Posted at 10:37 PM, Jan 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 23:37:17-05

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — As many as six victims remain hospitalized following the shooting Sunday at 9ine Ultra Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri. And the man who tended to two women who were shot that night hopes to reconnect with them.

Minutes after walking inside the club on Noland Road, 30-year-old Dominique Harlin said he began hearing shots.

"Once the shooting started happening, pretty much a lot of people fell on the floor," Harlin said.

Dozens on top of one another. At the very bottom of that pile was Harlin.

"When people fell on the floor, a lady herself fell on the floor and fell on me,” Harlin said, “and pretty much she let me know she'd been shot. And when I felt like it was the right time to pick her up and carry her to a safety spot, I had picked her up and carried her to a safety spot.

“And then I looked to my right, it was another person. She was in and out of it, and that's the one I had put on Facebook. She had black boots on and a green shirt."

Rushing both women to a coat check room down the hall, Harlin tried to keep them both alive.

"The one I put in the chair was bleeding real heavy,” he said.

Harlin then took off his coat and put it against her leg to try and stop the bleeding the best way he knew how.

“The other one was laying on the floor," Harlin said. "She was kind of in and out, like she was fighting for her life, that's how I feel."

Harlin and more than a dozen others spent the next 20 to 30 minutes hiding in that coat room – waiting for police to clear the scene and for paramedics to go in.

"When you see a person's eyes kinda rolling behind their head and you know they're there, but they're not there and pretty much they're fighting for their life – You don't know if they're still living or not,” he said. “That's the only things in my head right now, like I don't know if she's even alive right now and this person was literally right next to me."

As Harlin begins his healing process he said meeting the two women he pulled to safety is critical.

"I guess with them two, I feel I had a connection with them,” Harlin said, “and my thing is I just want to make sure they still alive. I would do it again for them if I had to."

Harlin would like to get in touch with both women or their families to arrange for a meeting.

If anyone knows either woman, or how to get in touch with them, reach out to us on the 41 Action News Facebook page.