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Man fires shots in Mission Hills neighborhood

Posted at 9:04 AM, Aug 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-18 23:54:26-04

MISSION HILLS, Kan. — A man is in custody after firing shots in a Mission Hills neighborhood.

Prairie Village Police got a call from the man's parents around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, saying he was displaying some mental health episodes on the 3000 block of 69th Street.

"When the gentlemen came to the house, he also brought his family with him," Prairie Village Police Captain Byron Roberson said. "He was having some mental episode, thinking something was going on with his family, when it really was not."

Police said things took a turn when the man arrived.

"Once he came to the home, the relative tried to calm him down, was unable to calm him down and he took a weapon out started firing rounds," Roberson said.

Police did not fire back and the man took off running toward the Indian Hills Country Club Golf Course.

"We also called in assets from different agencies — like Lenexa, Olathe — who had overhead drones that can be deployed and we used those to try to see if he was in the area," Roberson said.

He was there for several hours until he made his way back toward the home. That is when police took him into custody and transported him to an area hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

For neighbor Scott Wood, his 3-year-old son Henry was the one that woke up to the shots.

"He said, 'Dad I hear all these noises,'" Wood said. "I said, 'Just come into bed,' and he said, 'No, I'm scared' and thinking it was just his imagination and more importantly he's safe, we're safe and everyone in the neighborhood is safe."

Apparently, no neighborhood is immune to such incidents.

"Just thanks to the authorities and, really not to get into politics, but just the importance of gun control," Wood said. "I mean, just to have a random person in the neighborhood with a random gun is scary. Just makes you realize it can happen anywhere."

No one was hurt during the incident and charges are pending through the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.