Man leaves note to future owners of Kansas City house

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There’s something about the home one grows up in— where you celebrate every holiday, birthday and sometimes the occasional magic show. 

At least that’s how Austin Hunzeker viewed his childhood home. 

“I loved this house and created so many memories here,” he said. 

A sophomore in college, and after his mom had passed away, Hunzeker’s family decided to move. 

But before the 20-year-old packed up his last box, he sat down and wrote a note.

“My name is Austin Hunzeker. I grew up in this house with my mom, brother and two dogs, Polly and Mookie,” the note said. “I had the first bedroom on the first floor across from the bathroom.” 

Austin hoped his childhood home would bring someone else happiness, writing, “you will love it here.” 

He left the letter in a bathroom downstairs, behind a mirror. 

For seven years it sat untouched— until Karen Ledford moved in. 

Two years later, Karen found a new job where she met her coworker Austin. The two discovered they had mutual friends, learning later she was living in his childhood home. 

That night Karen removed the mirror from the bathroom wall and discovered a little nook. There the letter was— neatly folded. 

“Well Austin,” she said. “We do love it here and can’t wait to bring you home again.” 

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