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Many frustrated by ongoing construction on Wornall Road

Posted at 5:01 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 19:20:48-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Waldo residents continue to be frustrated because of construction in the area.

Work on Wornall Road between 85th and 89th streets started in August. The road work includes adding more sidewalks and making upgrades to street lights, according to the Kansas City, Missouri Public Works Department.

The construction, which has made its way in front of Boone Elementary School on Wornall Road, is now causing temporary pain for parents.  

“That street has been frustrating all down Wornall,” said Krystal Manul, who drops off her granddaughter at the school.

Manul said the project has forced her to change her usual route to the school.

“It was kind of frustrating because it's hard to see what's coming your way. It's hard for you to get out,” Manul said.

She not only worries about how to avoid construction but also about the toll that construction is taking on her vehicle.

"Now, it's that hump that I didn't want to mess up my tires to go back that way,” Manul said.

Even delivery workers are irritated with the project. Drivers said that Wornall Road always seems to be under construction. 

"Well, it's a mess. It's been ongoing for years, it seems like to me,” said Carl Johnson, who uses his own personal car to make deliveries on Wornall every day. "It's just a pain trying to get up and down the road."

Many said that the project needs to wrap up soon. 

"If they say it needs to be done, okay? But you think they would move it a little bit faster," Johnson said. "Something like that, especially in front of a school like this, it should be a priority. They should have people out there working."

The $3.5 million project should be done by spring 2019, according to the Public Works Department.

A school spokesperson told 41 Action News that while it is a city project, the school recommends that parents get to school early to avoid any traffic or confusion.