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'Meth house' sign heats up feud between neighbors

Posted at 5:49 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 19:14:35-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We've all heard of disagreements between neighbors, but one Belton man is taking the feud to a whole new level.

Michael Wood has several signs posted in his yard that warn potential trespassers to stay off his property and notify them he has surveillance cameras recording.

But it's the sign he put up about a week ago that's causing controversy. The brown rectangular sign says "meth house," with an arrow pointing to the home across the street.

"I'm taking the neighborhood back," Wood explained. 

Both Wood and other neighbors we spoke with claim there's a drug problem at the house.

"The noise is just terrible. There's bicycles, backpackers all hours of the night. It's to the point where we're just fed up," a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous told 41 Action News.

Data we obtained from the Belton Police Department shows in the past 30 days, they've been called to the house 17 times, resulting in seven incident reports and three arrests. However, none of those arrests involved drug charges.

Still, the sign is intensifying an already precarious situation in the neighborhood. We found out firsthand, when a woman who has been staying at the house walked out the front door, hurling expletives and refusing to speak with us.

Later in the day, we went back to the house and were able to sit down with the actual tenant, Glenda Davis. 

"All it is, is harassment, and I told him that," Davis said of Wood's behavior.

Davis explained she opens her doors to homeless people, which is why there's so much traffic in and out of the house.

"Some of them may be doing drugs, but they're not in here dealing drugs. I'm not dealing drugs to them," she said. 

The conflict could resolve itself soon enough. Both Davis and police told us she's being evicted. Davis thinks it could have all been prevented if her neighbors had simply knocked on her door.

"Why don't they come over and see my home and talk to me about what's going on or what they think is going on? That's what's sad," Davis said.

Lt. Dan Davis of the Belton Police Department released this statement to 41 Action News about the situation:

"It should be noted that our department began a dialogue with the owner/landlord of the property approximately six weeks before the incident where a neighbor posted a sign in their yard. The City of Belton, the Belton Police Department and Belton Codes Enforcement continue to be proactive and reactive in dealing with the situation at this particular residence."