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Missouri road closures leaving some areas with shortage of signs

Tracy Flooding
Posted at 4:40 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-05 12:24:24-04

TRACY, Mo.  — A Platte County, Missouri town's welcome sign has become a warning sign for residents as floodwaters rise.

Tracy, located just north of Platte City, has several flooded intersections.

On Monday, the Missouri Department of Transportation said there were nearly 400 road closures throughout the state. The volume of closures has made it hard for some areas to find enough signs to block off roadways.

"Basically so many road closures, they started running out of signs," Platte City Public Works Director Kenny Loy said.

After looking into renting signs, Loy said it would cost $1,100 per week for one sign.

The Platte County fairgrounds and surrounding areas in Tracy are partially flooded from the Platte River. Loy said the water has not been over the highway since 2007.

Tracy residents said flooding happens a few times a year but usually doesn’t have a big impact in the area.

"The only person that really gets 100 percent stopped are these two car dealerships and the gas station,” Brandon Edlin said. “Everybody else has got a workaround, so we just kind of drive around.”

Missouri 92, which leads to Tracy from Platte City, was closed Monday over the Platte River Bridge due to water over the roadway.

Loy said the public works department put up some road closure signs on Monday and that MoDOT put up signs indicating there was water over the road.

“It would be nice to have some more message boards, though," Loy said.

While the closures have caused a shortage of signs, Loy said there have not been many issues yet when it comes to the flow of traffic.