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MoDOT, community leaders warn drivers about snow, icy roads

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Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-02 00:17:04-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The snow is falling and the roads are icy, making driving conditions tricky.

So, for anyone planning to head to brunch or church Sunday, the Missouri Department of Transportation and faith leaders in Missouri and Kansas say everyone should do what’s best for themselves and their families.

“I want to tell people, 'Be safe, safety is first in this season,'” said Darron Edwards, lead pastor at United Believers Community Church.

Driving with caution is the key to staying safe on the roads that continue to keep MoDOT busy treating icy areas in and around Kansas City.

“Today we have made good progress on our interstates and our major routes clearing the mainline. The exits and entrance ramps still need attention, so that’s something we will be working on through the night and into tomorrow,” said Matt Killion, MoDOT assistant district engineer.

As temperatures drop into the negatives, the overnight freeze could leave challenges for MoDOT workers in the morning.

“The colder temperatures certainly present some challenges, and we have to watch the road for a re-freeze and be ready to address that possible re-freeze," Killion said. "We use salt, we use salt brine, we use beet juice, on occasion, and we have some other chemicals that help us de-ice all the snow on the roads.”

The driving conditions are forcing Edwards to cancel his in-person church service for Sunday.

“We have to learn how to error on the side of caution with COVID, and now the snow and the ice, flu season, all these different variants and diseases that are among us, and I want to encourage people to side on the side of safety,” Edwards said.

However, while Edwards is not holding an in-person service, he is ensuring parishioners will be able to tune in virtually, similar to Rev. Tony Carter in Kansas City, Kansas.

“We are still having service, it has been my history not to close because of inclement weather,” said Carter, Salem Missionary Baptist Church. ”The virus has forced us to learn how to be involved in technology. We live stream all of our services, and so we will be available on YouTube as well as Facebook, and so anybody who has to stay home can still catch our service there.”

As the icy winter weather continues to paint the roads of Kansas City, community leaders and experts are asking folks to follow a few simple rules.

“If you don’t need to be out, stay home," Killion said. "If you do need to be out, be sure to give yourself plenty of time and space between you and the car in front of you, and give plenty of space for our workers to do their job."