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Mom says Blue Springs school isn't doing enough after daughter receives hateful letter

Posted at 10:45 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 19:02:20-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 12-year-old Blue Springs girl is afraid to go to school after discovering a hateful note in her locker Monday morning. 

The note read, "kill yourself." 

"I wanted to hide in a little hole. I wanted to come home and hide in my room," Dezerae told 41 Action News.


Dezerae said this is not the first time she's received hateful notes at Moreland Ridge Middle School. Each time an incident has occurred, she has reported it to school officials. However, her mom said nothing has been done. 

"I’ve reached out to them several times. They’ve told me they have addressed the issue but obviously, they haven’t addressed the issue. It’s escalated at this point," said Nicole Danforth, Dezerae's mom. 

41 Action News reached out to the Blue Springs School District. Because of student privacy laws, the district could not comment about the incident. However, the district said it was aware of the incident and said it is investigating. 

According to the Blue Springs Board of Education Policy, the district "strictly prohibits bullying." The first violation includes a suspension for up to 10 days out of school. A second violation includes 10 days of out of school suspension and a referral to the superintendent for appropriate disciplinary action. 

Also included in the school's districts policy has a clause that the school administration shall "educate students who are victims of bullying on techniques for students to overcome bullying's negative effects." 

According to Dezerae, Moreland Ridge Middle School said Monday the school will move her locker and change her classes, in hopes it will help the situation.

"I am glad they finally addressed the issue. But I feel like they let it escalate too far before it was addressed. Moving her locker and changing her schedule is like punishing her, where are the consequences for the kids that are doing this to her?" asked Danforth.